Pre-Feeding Skills, Second Edition: A Comprehensive Resource for Mealtime Development


Pre-Feeding Skills, Second Edition: A Comprehensive Resource for Mealtime Development


Suzanne Evans Morris, PhD, CCC-SLP, Marsha Dunn Klein, MEd, OTR/L, Foreword by Ellyn Satter. (798 pages, soft cover, 8 1/2" x 11")

This is the second edition of Pre-Feeding Skills. It was greatly revised by authors in 2000 into a comprehensive resource for mealtime development that focuses on the entire mealtime experience and the feeding relationship for clients from birth through adolescence. The book includes foundational information on normal feeding and development, anatomy and physiology of swallowing and eating, limiting factors that influence feeding and assessment and treatment. All chapters have been completely revised and updated with new information, research, trends, references, and art.

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New chapters have been added including:

- Mealtime Foundations
- Mealtime Influences
- Mealtime Roles
- Supportive Diagnostic Testing
- Assessment and Treatment Principles
- Specifics of Oral Motor Treatment
- Gastrointestinal Influences on Feeding
- Sensory Influences on Feeding
- Autism
- Children who do not eat enough to grow
- Nutritional Influences on Feeding
- Self Feeding Children who experience mealtime challenges due to prematurity, visual impairments, autism

If you have never seen Pre-Feeding Skills, you will find this to be an excellent resource on the entire mealtime experience-especially for the infant or child with special mealtime challenges. If you have the first edition, you will find that this second edition looks way beyond the mouth and oral treatment and into the “big” picture of mealtimes and relationships. You will want this book.