Feeding with Love and Good Sense

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Feeding with Love and Good Sense


by Ellyn Satter, RD, ACSW

The complete video series available in DVD: Includes The Infant, The Older Baby, The Toddler, and the Preschooler

This is a DVD by Ellyn Satter, renowned author of Child of Mine. It emphasizes her belief that mealtime should be a celebration, and an enjoyable feeding relationship that is based on love and trust. Real feedings with real babies are shown which demonstrate how parents can make mealtimes positive experiences for everyone. Ms. Ellyn Satter shows what to do and what not to do in feeding children.

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The series Includes:

The Infant: The infant is an active participant in the feeding process. Babies know how much to eat.
The Older Baby: During the second half of the first year, the infant learns to eat solid food.
The Toddler: Toddlers continue to learn new mealtime skills and explore while still needing limits.
The Preschooler: The preschooler takes pride in learning new skills, including learning to eat new foods and mastering more grown up table manners.